University Facilities across worldwide


When we talk about facilities of university, there are many factors to consider, including: the location of the university, courses of the university, the contents of the courses, accommodation for the students, cost and student support of the university. But the primary goal of any university is to provide an environment conductive for learning.

University Facilities across worldwide
University Facilities across worldwide

This will cover the external and internal structure of the university where the atmosphere should be comfortable, secure, safe, accessible, well illuminated, and aesthetically pleasing for both students and university’s personnel alike. The services and facilities for students will depending on campus size, student numbers and funding from student contributions. The university facility consists of not only the physical structure but also includes furnishing, materials and supplies, equipment and information technology.

Here are several facilities that should have in a university, such:

  • Qualified Faculties
  • Digital Classroom Facilities
  • Career Placement
  • Library
  • Transport Facilities
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Cyber Center
  • Student Hostels
  • University Catering
  • Open Play Ground
  • Research Center
  • Medical Facilities

Large university campus will usually offer all of the services and facilities below plus more, while smaller private institution will offer services and facilities more tailored to their student cohort. University should improve classroom to create best teaching-learning environment and to inspire the students to participate interactively and give supportive feedback in classroom. University should provide great locations to socialize and study for the students. Student will be spending a lot of time on campus, so it’s important to have a space where they feel comfortable, whether they are unwinding after lecture, or working on a group project with their classmates.

University should provide advice on the matter related to training, implementation and student counseling for the students. Students can seek advice from advisor or director; if need arises they are given guidance and counseling by them. A university should have a rich library to provide necessary services to faculty and for the registered students. A university should provide a computer and cyber center for the students. Students can use it when they required. University should provide canteen facilities where student can make use of dining hall with various food. A university should offer residential accommodation for those students who wish it. University should provide transport facility for the students. University’s sports facilities are important for the students. A university should introduce playground, gymnasium and fitness area with everything that could possibly need to help them.

It’s not only the physical health which is important but also the mental health is important. It’s important to provide mental health and wellbeing services offered be a university. A university includes nutrition, counselling and physical therapy, ensuring students can get the support they need. Internet is an important part of the university experience to ensure the students stay connected to the world. Generally, information is distributed via internet and social communications are routinely made by email. Student should get internet services from the university. A university should provide digital library where the students are allowed to use E-book from library authorized sites. The Libraries will support the academic as well as research needs of students and teachers of the university.

University should collaborate with other research institutions and universities to ensure students and teachers have access to the very best facilities in the world. A university should invest in resources and improve research facilities to ensure that the academic staff and students are able to pursue their ideas, undertake research and transfer their knowledge to ensure significant global impact.


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